Treat Illinois’ lawmakers first

Illinois lawmakers went too far in managing the heroin epidemic by passing a bill filled with $15 million in related issues that Illinois cannot currently afford to fix, making Gov. Bruce Rauner’s amendatory veto valid.


Fowl deception in East St. Louis

Maybe the folks who pay your bills when you can’t work need a new spokes-duck? There’s the lame duck mayor in East St. Louis who got the $100,000 city manager job, but instead of quacking about supplemental insurance he moves his bill and lots of fluff and feathers come out: “AHL-Vin!”


11,433 reasons to sustain veto

If Illinois House members next week vote to override the governor’s veto, S.B. 2911 will let an arbitrator choose between the state’s proposal and the union’s proposal for state employee compensation — an all-or-nothing approach that could cost our financially beleagured state another $1.6 billion.


Enough liability to go around

Democrats again closed ranks and began the spin when Madison County Treasurer Kurt Prenzler, a Republican, dared suggest that they settle the Fred Bathon tax fraud case that they failed to stop.

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