11,433 reasons to sustain veto

If Illinois House members next week vote to override the governor’s veto, S.B. 2911 will let an arbitrator choose between the state’s proposal and the union’s proposal for state employee compensation — an all-or-nothing approach that could cost our financially beleagured state another $1.6 billion.


Enough liability to go around

Democrats again closed ranks and began the spin when Madison County Treasurer Kurt Prenzler, a Republican, dared suggest that they settle the Fred Bathon tax fraud case that they failed to stop.


Don’t bother, they’re here

Three East St. Louis City Council members decided to make the $5.7 million deficit bigger by bringing back Alvin Parks as city manager even though he did much to create the financial mess and even though residents tossed him out of office.


Farewell to Louis Tiemann

Louis Tiemann was a model citizen not only for his success in business, but also for what he did to better our community after his success. He will be missed.

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