Letters to the Editor

Time to say no, time to vote

Under an imperfect union, we have steadily increased the diet of taxpayer money and grown the government to an unmanageable and inefficient size. It attempts to control every aspect of our lives. Many politicians seem to feel entitled to take our resources regardless of how hard we worked for them, believing that they have the right to redistribute them to other citizens.

Letters to the Editor

Got up, went back to bed

On a recent dreary morning, I got up, got that first cup of coffee, took that first wonderful sip and opened by Belleville News-Democrat. See letters from Lee Pitzer and Bill Malec, those prolific writers, and go back to bed.

Letters to the Editor

Complain about pump prices

People should complain and put a large amount of pressure on their congressmen about the way oil companies calculate their pump prices. In a recent article in Oil-price.net entitled “Why don’t gas prices fall,” it gives several excuses from oil companies why the price at the pump is still too high, compared to the price of a barrel of oil. The truth is that oil companies keep the price at the pump 20 to 60 cents a gallon higher to ensure that they keep up their profit and that profits are not used to buy higher-priced oil. In the second week of January the cost of a barrel of oil does not justify the price at the pump.

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