Letters to the Editor

The basis for honest debates

When you conflate your beliefs with facts, it’s easy to marginalize and impugn the motives of those who disagree with you. If you are willing to acknowledge others hold their beliefs as dearly as you hold your own, then honest debates are possible. To that end Kevin Gagen, please consider:

Letters to the Editor

Don’t muddy the waters

Let me state up-front that I agree wholeheartedly with the basic premise of Belleville News-Democrat’s recent National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency editorial. Locating the new NGA-West campus in St. Clair County makes good sense.

Letters to the Editor

Join the Illinois effort to seal the deal on NGA

As the date for the decision on where to move NGA West draws near, fear and politics are reaching a crescendo. So how do we help seal the deal when the city of St. Louis is pulling every trick in the book to keep the facility? What tricks am I referring to? Well, St. Louis has started a petition of We the People website to “Enforce Presidential Executive Order 12072, and select North St. Louis City as the home of the new NGA West headquarters,” which currently has nearly 2,800 signatures.

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