Letters to the Editor

Voters need to be heard

The city of East St. Louis has a $5 million deficit. The Board of Elections — $392,000 plus the $100,000 county stipend — has averaged half of that deficit over the last eight years. Consequently, the city manager and council decided to lay off police officers instead of defunding the Board of Elections. The lack of concern to maintain a safe community has left the city with 44 police officers and only 28 to patrol the city. This is the same number of officers the city had in 2012 when the city manager was the mayor. During that time, U.S. Attorney Wigginton, along with other top regional law enforcers stated East St. Louis cops were seriously understaffed. The statistics were that the city should have 62 cops based on the Illinois average and 173 based on the crime rate.

Letters to the Editor

Historical item vanishes

My uncle was born in Williamson County, Ill., where his father was a coal miner. There, Paul Angle wrote his book, “Bloody Williamson.” They came to Winkle where he worked at the Bald Eagle Mine.

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