Letters to the Editor

Bring back American dream

God bless America, land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her... Bring back Kate Smith, bring back the foundation of the country, bring back honor and dignity, bring back the American dream, bring back moral leadership in a country that honors God.

Letters to the Editor

Double standard

The BND had a letter about questionable deaths by police. When I saw the word “questionable” in referring to the incidents where people have died at the hands of police, it bothered me.

Letters to the Editor

Racist code

Racist codeConservative letter writers, who lecture inner city black people about how they should live, are pathetic. There is nothing but sheer racial animus in their letters. It’s very easy to detect the racism between the lines.

Letters to the Editor


Recently, Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley said, “All lives matter,” and a liberal crowd responded with derision and boos. He promptly issued a grovelling apology. I didn’t think it was possible for a man to walk upright without a spine but apparently he can.

Letters to the Editor


I am saddened to listen, watch, or read, the articles, photos, and videos that are appearing across this nation. There has never been 100 percent agreement, but a majority agreement on what this nation stood for, that was a united nation. I do not see or hear that in today’s media or the peoples actions.

Letters to the Editor

Many lives paid for freedom

I was on vacation when, to my disgust, I read on Facebook that the Belleville Police Department was removing the American flag from police uniforms. This news was particularly offensive to me as I had just spent two days at Vicksburg, Miss., the site of one of the most important battles of the Civil War. Eighteen thousand Union soldiers lay in their final resting place at Vicksburg’s National Military Cemetery.

Letters to the Editor

Out of control

Illegal immigration has been out of control for decades, but it is soon to get much worse if Obama and his gang of eight senators rush through Senate Bill 744. Currently the cost of the illegal immigrants to American taxpayers is approximately $114 billion per year. The average cost to each American is currently $1,117. Senate Bill 744 will give 11 million illegals a work permit. But it doesn’t stop there. Senate Bill 744 will also give 22 million work permits to foreign citizens.

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