Letters to the Editor


As many Americans and some Belleville News-Democrat letter writers feel that the “stainless shield” commonly known as the Confederate flag represents racism, many others disagree.

Letters to the Editor

Deserving attention

Abortion produces strong opinions. It strikes at the heart of many local readers as well. Since July 14, when the first in a series of undercover videos was released exposing the stomach-churning practices at Planned Parenthood, there have been many worthy headliners in national newspapers. This issue only seems to find a subsection deep inside American news outlets. Its severity warrants more direct attention from our national journalist class.

Letters to the Editor

Tax reform desperately needed

The Belleville News-Democrat, Illinois Sen. Kyle McCarter and letter writer Phillip W. Chapman are trying to blame the Illinois fiscal mess entirely on “the last 10 or 12 years of Democratic rule.” During those years, events and policies, which Democrats were not responsible for, adversely affected Illinois’ economy and revenue, like the Bush tax cuts, 9-11, the Iraq War, the outsourcing of 42,400 U.S. factory jobs, with tax cuts from Republicans for doing so and the 2008 economic meltdown.

Letters to the Editor

Black Lives Matter

In response to Leonard Pitts’ column Aug. 23, has he been into the black neighborhoods in East St. Louis, St. Louis and their surrounding areas? Does he know that blacks are killing blacks in an exponentially higher number than all the police-involved incidents in the country? Does he know that it isn’t the police committing most of the killings or assaults, as he put it, but other blacks.

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