Letters to the Editor

Not saints

Tell me Frankie Seaberry, why do you hate Republicans so badly? You want to believe that Democrats are so good, that they are saints, and maybe even perfect. Well I hate to burst your bubble, but they are not, no where near.

Letters to the Editor

Laws and guns

Remember the Louisiana theater shooting back in July? (Wailing sounds.) If only they had had a law on the books that prohibits insane people from owning a gun, the shooting would never have happened. What’s that you say, they do have such a law? Oh, OK.

Letters to the Editor


There is a clear explanation as to why President Barry Soetero Obama rushes to the media cameras and mikes in order to rant and rave about an active shooter at a community college, while he does nothing to protect the life of a human being in the womb. Gun control advances the Marxist agenda of total state control; so does executive endorsement of abortion.

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