Letters to the Editor

Shrine must ante up

Using TIF funds in the new Shrine project amounts to a financial rape of the taxpayers. The numbers have been skewed to minimize the developer’s cash investment while providing the Shrine with a nice profit. Their projected expenses are inflated because they are leasing the ground from the Shrine. County property records show the Shrine does not pay any taxes on the site. Will the ground remain off the tax rolls since the Shrine is maintaining ownership?

Letters to the Editor

Don’t delay new standards

For more than 18 months, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has delayed new rules on the Renewable Fuel Standard. The delay in establishing these rules has sent a loudly mixed message: On one hand, the public sector supports ethanol, but, on the other, it cannot clarify rules that will spur private sector investment in research, development and new technology deployment.

Letters to the Editor

Fleeced at the pump

I have read little recently to support why our gas prices in this area keep skyrocketing. I have spoken out before about the price of oil being half what it has been for a long time and the price of gasoline being higher than it should be considering that. While it had dropped to half, it has climbed back up some to the high $50 range, which is still significantly lower than what it was last year at this time when gasoline was in the $3.79 range. Being at the high $50s, oil is only about 15 percent higher. Gasoline, however, has jumped and is now poised to go above $3, and at $2.99 it has climbed 66 percent.

Letters to the Editor

Next time, ask crossing guard

I’m the crossing guard at Lincoln Trail and Potomac in Fairview Heights that a Sound-off caller was so unhappy about. Had he bothered to stop and ask, I’d have told him that the students crossing by themselves were high school students and I’m not supposed to cross them.

Letters to the Editor

Tax promises never kept

Every year that we receive our tax bill just reinforces how the Belle Valley School Board, led by board President Karen Kunz, engaged in multiple lies to secure bonds for the approval of the new building. For example, we were told that if the school received any development grant, “it would be applied to reducing the cost to the taxpayers.” Well, since 2010, the district has received more than $500,000 each year in federal assistance funds to help defray the bond cost to the district taxpayers. That means the taxes for the bonds on a home with a market value of $150,000 should be reduced to approximately $70 a year.

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