Letters to the Editor

May 14, 2014

No denying climate change

Climate change deniers are dead wrong. Scientists from every background and nation have proven the reality of climate change. There's no longer any scientific question or debate. The proof is there for any sane person to review.

Scientists do know that the effects of climate change are happening faster than their worst-case models. They just can't tell whether the damage already done is beyond reversal. But it's already clear that our descendants face a future of erratic, violent weather, severe droughts, floods, food and water shortages, and drowned coastal cities around the world.

We can't fathom the instability and global calamity already awaiting them. Even the Pentagon and CIA ominously prepare for these scenarios as though they are inevitable.

While science provides absolute proof, industries that poison our environment (oil, coal and petrochemical) not only do nothing to address the crisis they've helped create, but they've also spent billions on a decades-long campaign to deny science and refute logic. They use politicians and hired charlatans to spread their heretical gospel of non-belief -- all to protect profits. Is there anything more evil than aiding the world's spiral toward catastrophe, all in the name of money?

Science has done its job. It's now up to humans and their leaders to take mankind off its slow-motion path to catastrophe. Is this the legacy we want to leave our future generations? We cannot stand by doing nothing while the misinformed spout their nonsense of denial.

Kevin J. Gagen


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