Letters to the Editor

May 24, 2014

Cooking up an overdone law

Like many BND readers, I have been following the ongoing saga of Chloe Stirling, the cupcake girl. It all started out with a little girl who just wanted to bake a few dozen cupcakes in the friendly confines of her mother's kitchen and sell them to raise money for a car when she turns 16.

After word got out that the Madison County Health Department had shut her down for code violations, her story really took off. Almost instant celebrity followed with trips and guest appearances. She was given a new commercial kitchen and other free stuff. She and her mom made more trips to Springfield than some of our politicians to support legislation that would make her cupcake business legal.

Unfortunately, state lawmakers just kept adding more ingredients and lots of frosting to the initial bill. While Chloe's mom might have drunk the Kool-Aid and is publicly saying that it's all about compromise, I'm not sure how Chloe's cupcake boat will ever float.

I see this pre-teen spending an inordinate amount of time getting her required list of cupcake ingr edients together (can an 11- year- old define and spell "monosodium glutamate"?). Will there be time to bake? She'll be forced to sell her "Hey, Cupcake!" products at $5 each just to cover her growing overhead.

Welcome to Illinois politics. So much for the great American way of life.

Bill Malec


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