Letters to the Editor

May 25, 2014

Sound-off 5/26

Looked the other way

I would like St. Clair County Board Chairman Mark Kern to explain to the public about former clerk Bob Delaney's alleged sexual harassment in his office. Where was Kern's appointed political crony from Cahokia, the human resources director, while all this was going on? I'm tired of the Demo-cratic Party's screwups.

Unhappy with sheriff

It is sad that St. Clair County Sheriff Rick Watson has to run to all the local media outlets whenever a deputy actually does his job. I guess this is a rare occurrence. I'm glad to see they are able to catch burglars at a residence in unincorporated Belleville, but if they had to go south of Freeburg they would have to purchase a GPS so they would not get lost.

Crime issues solved

Crime all over Belleville. Shootings, stabbings, drunks running into the city fountain. Criminals, beware; there will be no crime in Belleville next year once we have the new Police Department. No, don't hire more officers, the new police station will solve all the crime. The city may have to do a few layoffs, though.

Good for a laugh

I was amused by state Sen. James Clayborne's statement that term limits are no good because look what they have done to Missouri. Senator, look how bad Illinois is compared to Missouri. I'm not sure how he is coming up with this idea.

Switch focus to jobs

I'd like to know what's with this big push to raise the minimum wage to outrageous levels? Minimum wage is for kids working at fast-food restaurants. The government needs to get off the minimum wage kick and start providing jobs for people like we've had throughout our history -- jobs that offer enough compensation for a man to support his family, educate his kids and put money back in this economy. Forget the minimum wage; concentrate on creating real jobs for real people.

Standing by Alvarez

I cannot believe that the misfits on the Caseyville Village Board voted to fire Police Chief Jose Alvarez. I believe Glenn McCoy's cartoon sums it up correctly: Alvarez refused to be a "yes" man for Mayor Leonard Black and radio host Bob Romanik. And Trustee Rick Casey voting on Alvarez after Alvarez investigated Casey at his St. Clair County job was so wrong. The only good thing that came out of this mess is that now it is public knowledge about the harassment allegations against Casey. Anywhere else he would not been demoted but fired. I am sure Alvarez will sue the village and win. Good luck to him; he has more support from the public than the misfits who voted against him.

Share the pain

I'm a believer in shared sacrifice. Let's make the 5 percent income tax in Illinois permanent. While we are at it, let's say tax pension annuity income at 2.5 percent. We are one of the few states that excludes this income from taxation. Those of us who are used to getting the shaft might feel a lot less offended and finally everyone would have some skin in the game.

ACA benefits limited

As a physician I'm glad the Affordable Care Act has helped letter writer Linda Cristel; she mentioned in her letter that she was uninsurable before. But I can also tell Cristel that many of my patients who were covered before are not covered now. Again, this is the government being selective over who gets coverage and who does not. Many of my patients have now the working poor. They did have insurance through their companies and now it is more expensive and they can't really afford it, or it's no longer offered. Although it worked for Cristel, for millions of Americans it is not working. There has to be a bipartisan solution.

Don't create orphans

Anyone who is trying to catch and get rid of dogs, cats, dogs, raccoons, opossums, squirrels etc.: Remember that if you catch a mamma, you will leave a litter of babies to die a slow, painful death. If you catch a nursing momma turn her loose. Best thing is to neuter or spay your dog or cat. Don't be a mean human being just because you can.

Business is key

When will Illinois ever figure out you have to be business friendly? Businesses are leaving the state in droves. When that happens, jobs leave in droves. And when that happens, people leave the state in droves. It's a real simple theory and fact. You must have businesses in your state for your state to prosper and survive.

Wanted: A hotel

I really enjoyed Art on the Square this year. Everything seemed to be very organized and hospitable. Artists are great; their questions are, too: Why does a nice town like Belleville not have hotels or nice restaurants, just a few small eateries? I think that's a good question for the city administration. It affects who shows up next year.

Give Fairmount help

The position being taken for not allowing gambling

machines in Fairmount Park, based upon the Casino Queen's revenue concerns, is hypocritical. No one seemed to consider what the Queen took away from Fairmount when the casino opened for gambling. Where was the concern for Fairmount at that time? Why should East St. Louis be entitled to any revenue from gambling in an area outside its proximity? Let's give the racetrack the machines and distribute the revenue the same way it is being distributed from taverns.

Watch the council

We finally have the opportunity to see city-funded recordings of the Belleville City Council. I'd like to challenge all voting age residents to watch at least one during 2014. If what they see disappoints them, remember they have a chance to fix it in April. Only they can prevent voter apathy.

East overrated

When I read the recent ratings on the top high school baseball teams, I noticed Belleville East is rated fifth while teams with much more favorable records were rated behind them. How did East rank the fifth best team with a 10-11 record?

Williams flip-flops

I recently was advised that Fairview Heights Alderwoman Denise Williams supported the rehiring of the same city director who kept allowing the developer of our subdivision to create the many, many complications and difficulties with which we now struggle and about which she vehemently complained when she ran for office. She deserves what she gets. But we, the affected residents, do not. Shame on her.

Deputy ignores law

I was working on Interstate 255 that crosses over Interstate 64 on the northbound side and of course there went a St. Clair County sheriff's deputy talking on his cell phone while going through a road construction area. Whose rules do they abide by? It just amazes me.

On the downhill slide

The United States as it stands now is in a world of hurt. Since President Obama took office, this country has gone downhill rapidly. Housing is in big trouble, unemployment is ridiculous, and people have given up trying to find work. We are slashing our military, vets are in trouble. Racial tension in this country is escalating. Things are not good. People had better start paying attention and voting people out of office.

Hiring deck is stacked

I had to chuckle at BND letter writer Bill Malec's assessment on how fair the hiring of civilians at Scott Air Force Base is. Having worked more than 20 years there, I have seen job applicant lists sent back to the personnel center until the name of the retired officer they want to hire is on the list. As a side note, most active duty military despise civilian employees until they are near retirement and want to land a civilian job.

Proud of Jesse White

Regarding Thursday's editorial, Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White has kept a killer off the road. Way to go. He has my vote as long as he wants to run.

Driving is a privilege

Finally an elected official gets something right. Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White seems to be standing up for what is right and blocking former state trooper Matt Mitchell's attempt at getting his driver's license back. Anyone who abuses his authority in the way Mitchell did doesn't deserve to drive. Remember. driving is a privilege not a right.

Emergency etiquette

I'm tired of rude, bad drivers. If an emergency vehicle is coming down the road and someone shows the courtesy to pull over, you do not then follow the truck and pass the person pulled over. You pull over, too, and pull back out in the same order. This is not an opportunity to play NASCAR and pass people.

Enforce parking laws

When are our representatives going to stop this farce of handicapped plates and placards? I am disabled and have to jump through hoops to get my disability every time I pay my doctor to get a piece of paper to show it to the DMV to get my plates. Yet everywhere I go I see people parking with no plates or placards and nothing is done. They might as well quit making those signs that say "$250 fine" and save the state's money.

Roads deteriorate

Why is it that Belleville can find the money to buy and demolish buildings but cannot find money to fix the streets like Prairie Avenue, which was wrecked by the McClintock detour traffic, and the east end of McClintock, where the last work was done 30 plus years ago.

Hiring is a done deal

Please, letter writer Bill Malec, everybody knows retired officers hire other retired officers whether they are the most qualified or not.

Rule responsibly

Voters in St. Clair County who continue to return lifelong Democratic politicians to office owe the rest of us taxpayers, most recently at least, $655,000 for the antics of the man who was responsible for counting votes. In Madison County, voters know about a similar Democrat who was in charge of real estate auctions. Democrats, could you at least try to save yourselves and the rest of us some unnecessary expenses by electing some halfway decent people?

Don't be fooled

Isn't it just amazing state Rep. Jay Hoffman and his colleagues in Springfield can only pass such frivolous bills as sign and drive, so when you're arrested you can keep your license, or Hoffman's bill to stop your police departments from having quotas. Seriously, who cares? If people break the law they should suffer some inconvenience. Voters are not going to fall for Hoffman's stupid political moves.

It looks like Christmas

When I was growing up, my mother once wore a perfume called "Christmas In July." Now on my birthday July 25 I can experience it walking along Main Street downtown courtesy of the Belleville City Council, which paid $25,000 for decorative lights. Only in Belleville can I and others celebrating birthdays on that day now experience it for real. Thank you, Belleville taxpayers.

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