Letters to the Editor

May 29, 2014

Empty promises in Illinois

Regarding the recent debate about making the Illinois temporary tax hike a permanent tax hike, let's stroll down memory lane and remember what certain politicians of a certain political party said to get this thing passed.

The tax hike was supposed to solve three distinct things: Pay down the state's backlog of bills, stabilize the state's pension crisis and strengthen the state's economy. Well almost three years later, the state's pension debt and backlog of bills have grown, and Illinois economy is among the worst in the nation. Doesn't sound like the temporary tax hike worked now, did it?

I only bring this up because there is an election coming up later this year and it is time that we start holding people accountable for their actions.

People need to remember that this certain political party (which will remain nameless but who is dominant in St. Clair and Cook County) overwhelmingly supported this temporary tax increase and who now want to make it permanent, despite the fact that it didn't do what they said it would. It is time for new leadership in this state. It is your choice people, get out there and vote.

John M. Lee


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