Letters to the Editor

May 29, 2014

St. Clair County should raise pension hours to 1,000

In a previous letter I acknowledged that I have benefited from public pension perks both as a teacher and as an elected official just like thousands of others. I also acknowledged that the pension perks are unfair to the taxpayers and need to end.

In that same letter I called on the St. Clair County Board to vote to end pensions for part-time board members because the typical board member does not meet the 600-hour standard for pension participation. To date, the board has taken no action on my request so I have modified my request to make it more appealing to the board.

I am now requesting the board vote to change the hourly standard for pension participation from 600 hours to 1,000 hours per year. This change will allow the current board members to stay in the pension system because they would be grandfathered in under the current rules but would prevent future board members from participating in the pension system.

This request is painless to the current board members but will eventually achieve the goal of ending pensions for part-time board members. I respectfully request the board to enact the 1,000-hour pension standard.

Timothy L. Buchanan

Candidate, St. Clair County Board District 28 Swansea

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