Letters to the Editor

June 3, 2014

Bash both political parties

BND letter writer Jim Walters rails against the lying scumbags of the Bush administration. If that is true, why isn't he railing against the lying scumbags of the Obama administration? Do I need to name them all?

How about his Obama-Biden transition speech after the election and how the VA health care system was the model for national health care (heaven help us).

Or how about: You can keep your insurance and your doctor when the Affordable Health Care Act becomes law? Or how about closing Guantanamo? I knew that was an untenable position. It is another of the long string of campaign promise lies he prevaricated on the unwilling-to-learn American public to get elected.

Go ahead, Mr. Walters, tell me how much better it is now.

The incumbents of both parties are completely out of touch with the American public and reality. Vote them all out and replace them with anyone from any party. It can't be any worse.

Charles Carter


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