Letters to the Editor

June 6, 2014

Bush still getting blamed

I think it's hilarious that with all the scandals involving the Obama administration, all the liberal writers to this forum can do is tell us how bad George Bush was. They and their liberal cohorts in the news media had their shot at Bush when he was in office and they took it.

President Obama calls all these problems "phony scandals." Is four Americans dead in Benghazi and nothing being done about it phony? Is the IRS targeting of conservative groups with the Obama administration withholding information and lying about it phony? Is the collecting of telephone and Internet data on millions of Americans phony? Is the selling of thousands of weapons to Mexican drug cartels phony?

Is the fact that numerous veterans are dying in VA hospitals waiting for treatment phony? Is trading five terrorists for one American soldier in direct disregard of American policy against it phony? Is the failure of Obamacare with Obama lying about it dozens of time phony?

I might point out with all the liberal news media buzz against Bush, including downright lies, Bush did not attack his tormentors. Compare that to the Obama and his administration constantly unfairly assaulting Fox News.

George Bush is a class act. Obama does not even run his circus, he is just one of the clowns. Obama treats Americans like we are mushrooms, feeding us horse manure and keeping us in the dark.

Leon Anderson


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