Letters to the Editor

June 6, 2014

Positives about conservatives

This is a simple response to Frankie Seaberry's letter May 28.

People who are conservative usually love God, respect life (babies in the womb ), don't sacrifice lives so their buddies can make money, make up a lot of the middle class and poor, work for and run corporations (as do liberals), like to see people make a good wage when deserved, believe in American self-reliance, believe that fraud that has happened in the voting booth needs to be stopped by voter ID, and don't believe that people should be allowed to die from illness, preventative care or injury. Oh, one more thing, they usually give a lot to charity.

I am sure a lot of Democrats are great people. In fact, I have a lot of Democratic and liberal friends, and I would never say that they don't care. They are good people who love our country and care for the people in it.

Those hating-colored glasses Seaberry is wearing need to come off and get a good cleaning.

Tim Johnson


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