Letters to the Editor

June 12, 2014

Why is Brooklyn singled out?

If you actually had a clue what is really going on in Brooklyn "Operation Lovejoy," it would be appreciated.

In your rant "Slow dancing with Salome," you failed to mention Roxy's, PT's (which, by the way, one of the partners/owners is an honoree cop) Hustler, Dollies, Ms. Kitty's, etc. I see you only mentioned the establishments of black business owners.

What is really going on here is a personal vendetta with lead puppet Brendan Kelly, the St. Clair County state's attorney, blindly leading the way. With an overdue light being shed on all these corrupt judges here lately, perhaps you need to take a look at the multiple rights his administration has violated on these tax-paying club owners you mentioned.

Who's policing the police is what you had better be asking. Did you ever see the movie, "Training Day?" This whole situation is personal, isn't it, Mr. Kelly? These articles are being put out about these people who have not been convicted and this is a petty attempt to sway the masses with unfounded evidence/slander.

Some people with a badge are the biggest crooks; don't let Officer Friendly fool you with doubletalk gobbledygook.

Nichole Cochran


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