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June 15, 2014

Sound-off 6/16

I see that Illinois leaders are adding $1.8 billion to the current budget because the state received more tax revenue than was anticipated. It's a prime example why this state is in such financial ruin. Why don't they use the extra revenue to pay down all the bills owed to vendors or apply it to the pension problem?

Cover up our info

I don't like the way Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White sent me my vehicle registration notice. It's on a postcard with all my information in plain view: car make, model, year, license number, even the VIN number and my address. Isn't that sweet, someone could steal my card and have everything he needs. They should go back to sending the notices in envelopes and pinch pennies somewhere else.

No risk from pot farm

Did BND reporter Dan Kelley read his own report on medical marijuana farming coming to Marissa? Why would Jimmy Baker of Red Bud even be concerned about what's happening in Marissa? It's not even near him. People say they are worried about the drug traffic. If people would educate themselves they would know that medical marijuana farms are in enclosed, guarded buildings with the state police watching. A bunch of potheads won't be buying drugs. I wish people would educate themselves rather than believe the 1930s reefer madness garbage.

Use full bridge name

The headline: "Repairs to be done on the Musial Bridge". That's not the Musial Bridge, it's the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge, and they are doing what I thought they would do: forget the veterans.

Calling for backup

Could the Illinois State Police or the Madison County Sheriff's Department please patrol Granite City? Our officers don't care about traffic violations. You can do 15 miles over the speed limit, tailgate or express road rage and the city police would do nothing. Please help patrol the streets.

Kelly could prosecute

St. Clair County State's Attorney Brendan Kelly stated in the paper that he can't prosecute former county clerk Bob Delaney because none of the people who said they were sexually harassed by him agreed to file a complaint. Since when do you need to have a complaint when you have sworn statements of what took place? These people must have filed sworn statements to be offered a financial settlement. So based upon those statements, Kelly should be able to charge Delaney. This is another example of the patronage in the county, protecting the good ol' boys. Are the Democrats afraid that Delaney will expose something about their power structure? Kelly has everything in hand to prosecute but he won't do it.

A double disgrace

It's an absolute disgrace that former St. Clair County clerk Bob Delaney is getting $93,000 a year in retirement pay after he allegedly sexually harassed his employees. State's Attorney Brendan Kelly is a disgrace; he turned his head on Delaney and former judge Michael Cook. Vote Republican.

Paying for his silence

The reason no action is being taken against former St. Clair County clerk Bob Delaney is that he has been deep within the Democratic Party so long that he knows where all the skeletons are hidden. If party leaders would go after his pension, he could blow the lid off things. They just want him to go away and keep quiet.

Who OK'd pension?

Exactly who is responsible for former St. Clair County clerk Bob Delaney collecting a $93,000 a year pension? I hope the BND gets to the bottom of this. I know myself and other voters don't want to vote for whoever is responsible for this mess.

Enyart's out of touch?

The BND reports that U.S. Rep. Bill Enyart inspected the VA hospital in his district in Marion and found everything was fine. But on June 9 the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs' audit shows that 494 patients had requested an appointment at the Marion VA hospital but zero appointments had been scheduled. Voters need to decide whether Enyart was dishonest or merely incompetent.

Don't freeload on VA

The reason the VA health system is so clogged is simple. The VA's primary responsibility lies with those individuals with service-related injuries and indigent veterans. It was never meant to take care of those eligible for Medicare or employer-supplied health care and those financially able to buy their own insurance. Get rid of these freeloaders and the problem will disappear. By the way, I am a veteran paying for my own health care.

Just wear the uniform

This is in regard to an article about an Islamic cab driver in St. Louis suing the cab company due to the infringement of his religious dress. A uniform is required as part of the job. It has nothing to do with his religion and should not play a part in what the company is requiring. As a nation, we are allowing too many religions too much free rein. Don't want to wear the uniform of the company? Don't work for the company. I bet the U.S. Department of Justice will send someone to make it OK for him to get away with this. Yet the word "God" is not allowed in our national public vernacular.

Can't figure this rule

Missouri wants to pass a law requiring people under 17 years of age to have a parent's written signature before they can use a tanning bed. But those same young women who cant use a tanning bed could get an abortion without their parents' permission. Is that really what we are about?

More sleight of hand

This proposed millionaire tax in Illinois would go to education, we're told. About as much of it would go to education as the lottery: Nothing.

Politicians out of place

Shame on the Shiners for failing to honor the community first during their recent parade in Belleville. How nice it would have been to see people who work for the community and some of the children of the charities they have helped ride in the cars instead of the St. Clair politicians. Our officials seem to forget that we pay them for their work and I salute any of them who had the good sense to decline to ride in the parade.

Sly like a fox

If the critics of the president's release of the Guantanamo Bay detainees, who were never convicted of anything, to enable the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl would stop to think, they would understand that even if Congress was not consulted, the NSA was. The five people have some kind of implant inside of them to allow the United States to keep track of where they are going and what they are doing. We will now know and understand the Taliban better than if we kept these men in prison in Guantanamo. Don't underestimate our skill as a secure nation.

Mixed-up priorities

Recently in East St. Louis I had to navigate through two new roundabouts. After I went through one, I was on a road that was filled with potholes. I don't understand their priorities. The city builds roundabouts but won't fix the streets? That's crazy.

Poor road design

I just had a roundabout experience on Illinois 158 coming from Millstadt, trying to get onto westbound Illinois 15. I noticed a left turn lane. Instead of going around the major roundabout and then coming on to the entrance ramp, you get into a left-turn lane and you go across the flow of traffic in the major roundabout. This is a bad design and I can see a lot of accidents happening. Bad planning by some engineers.

Training didn't take

Are the Iraqi troops who abandoned their post as Islamist fighters took over more area the same Iraqi troops that the U.S. spent millions of dollars training, providing uniforms, paying a salary and providing weapons? Nice to know that we have provided weapons to the Islamist fighters.

Enough on cupcakes

Regarding your article June 11, "Cupcakes for everyone": Can the state do anything for anyone else besides the people who bake cupcakes? Pension reform, slot machines at Fairmount Park? How about the income tax dilemma? No wonder the state is in such sad shape -- and worrying about cupcakes.

BND can blame itself

Good editorial on the Chloe Stirling cupcakes. But wait a minute. Wasn't it the BND that reported every detail of the story, including front-page stories? Maybe the pot's calling the kettle black.

Good job helping out

Congratulations to the youth group volunteers who served at the 36th Annual Catholic Ministry to the Aged and the Sick summer outing. We hear so much about teens who aren't doing the right thing; it's nice to see when credit and publicity are given to teens who are doing the right thing.

Hillary is not a leader

Hillary Clinton claims in her new book that she and President Clinton were broke when they left the White House. They made $400,000 in salary plus $50,000 for expenses for eight years. Their living expenses were zero for those eight years; did they not save a dime? And liberals want this woman to lead America? This proves without a shadow of a doubt that being a Demo-crat is a disease and these people need serious counseling.

Oh, the hangar

I got a chuckle out of the headline on the Answer Man's June 6 column. "Memories of the monster hanger" led me to expect an inquiry about something you'd find hanging in a closet.

Blame misplaced

Shame on the BND editor for pointing a guilty finger at O'Fallon Township High School girls' softball coach for filing a defamation suit against the parents of a disgruntled former player. The student quit the team then wrote a three-page letter to blame the coach. That knife cuts both ways. Isn't the player's father a police officer? Shouldn't he have known better than to air that letter via e-mail to lots of people who didn't need to know all the gory details?

Ho hum, corruption

BND reporter Daniel Kelley writes would should be another eye-opening piece about St. Clair County corruption, but this, too, will pass and nothing will change. Democrats win again in a landslide, right? Untouchable locals with the right name will continue to drain taxpayer dollars regardless of their behavior. People with integrity, dignity and a conscience need not apply to county government.

Silent about sirens

When the tornado sirens went off June 7 on the east side of St. Clair County, I started checking radar to see where the warning was for. I did not find any information. I then remembered seeing the Emergency Management Facebook page for the county but there was no information there. Why did the sirens go off, and what good is a site that provides "critical information to the residents of St. Clair County" if there is nothing there when sirens go off?

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