Letters to the Editor

June 17, 2014

Delaney makes the case for pension reform

I hope now everyone in Illinois can see just how messed up the retirement system is and just how badly it needs to be changed.

Former St. Clair County clerk Bob Delaney has the potential to receive in retirement payments more than he made as clerk, even if he held the clerk's position for 30 years. If he lives to age 85 (30 years) he will have received $2.7 million.

Don't forget we are now paying someone else as the county clerk. This person will most likely retire before Delaney dies. Then we will be paying two retirements and still have to pay someone to be the county clerk. This sounds like perpetual motion and I don't think that exists.

The retirement system was based on much lower salaries when life expectancies were much shorter. There is not any retirement system that can survive if you pay more for a retiree than you paid for the service that they provided.

How much was contributed to Delaney's retirement fund by the county, and by Delaney? I am willing to bet a lot more will be paid out than was paid in.

How can we expect the same people who reap these outlandish payments to fix the problem? Aren't we asking them to take money out of their own pockets?

As far as Mr. Delaney making restitution for the harassment payments: It is illegal to garnish his retirement but is it also illegal to make Delaney repay the county after he has received the check?

Richard Klaas


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