Letters to the Editor

June 19, 2014

Belle Valley costs not as advertised

More than two years ago, I wrote a letter to your Opinions section. which reads in part: "My concern over the building of the new Belle Valley School was not the issue of building a new school, it was the distortion and fabrication of the facts by the board. Such distortions and fabrications have the effect of manipulating the voters, which is unconscionable. Recently I discovered a situation even more troubling.

"The board told the voters that based upon a house with an assessed value of $100,000, the bonds for the new building would cost the homeowners approximately $274 a year. What they didn't tell us is that the cost of the bonds is to escalate by 7 percent compounded yearly. How deceptive can they be?

"Board President Karen Kunz who was involved in this deception, plus all her other irresponsible behavior I have reported, owes the voters an apology and should resign."

Since I wrote that letter, things have deteriorated further at Belle Valley. The board continues to violate the law by refusing to release even one sentence of releasable information from executive sessions. Board members would rather continue to violate the law than to have their behavior exposed.

In the recently mailed tax bills, the charge for the Belle Valley bonds is 92 percent greater than we were originally told it would cost, which reaffirms the fabrication and a lack of the board's credibility. Unfortunately, the tax increases for the bonds are only going to escalate every year.

Ted Farmer


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