Letters to the Editor

June 20, 2014

Obstacles to capping this fee

Regarding your article on June 9, "Tap costs city": As a Weinel Hills area resident I'm totally in favor of Caseyville Township, capping the tap-in fee at about $50 as opposed to the current $2,500. I'm hopeful that some means of doing so can be found that won't prevent Caseyville Township from being able to meet its EPA loan repayment obligations, since the loan was to be repaid through the tap-in fees.

Will Caseyville Township have to raise its monthly system usage fees to make up the difference? Will Caseyville Township have to ram the remaining connections through before SB 3507 takes effect and thereby potentially bankrupt some low-income residents? The Jan. 1 effective date for SB 3507 seems to be in question as the senator's staff reports that they really don't know what the effective date will be.

The Caseyville Township sewer system has already begun sending bills to new users in Weinel Hills, including those residents who have not connected or even purchased permits yet. When asked how they can bill residents who are not and who have never been connected, they respond with, "We have to do that."

Further, the Illinois EPA has long made it a practice to base loan repayments on tap-in fees and have many existing contracts to that effect.

I have to wonder how this bill will impact those loan contracts and the Illinois EPA.

Jack L. Hickman

Fairview Heights

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