Letters to the Editor

June 25, 2014

Take off rose-colored glasses

Sandy Boshcoff's recent letter spoke glowingly about President Obama and criticized conservatives for daring to speak ill of him. Like most liberals, she regards Obama with rose-colored glasses and ignores all of his pitiful missteps.

How about Obama's Fast and Furious gun-running debacle? How about the Benghazi debacle and the subsequent coverup? How about the ongoing IRS scandal, perhaps the worst of all? How about a horrible economy caused by his ideology and juvenile fiscal policies?

How about the Obamacare debacle, which is in the process of ruining the best medical system in the world not to mention its negative effect on the economy? How about the ongoing VA scandal, which he vowed to fix during his election campaign?

How about the flood of illegal immigrants crossing our southern borders by the thousands as a direct result of Obama's policies? And how about his foreign policy disasters in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, China and Russia, which seriously jeopardize our national security?

Maybe Boshcoff (and her liberal buddies) should take off those rose-colored glasses and stop drinking the Kool-aid.

Les Harris


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