Letters to the Editor

June 25, 2014

Great record for Republicans

BND letter writer Frankie Seaberry totally misunderstands how the U.S. government and the Constitution work. Let me first give four great things that Republicans have done of the last 50 years (more but space is limited):

First, the Republicans led the fight for the Voting Rights Act in the mid 1960s.

Second, a Republican president ended the worst war in our nation's history (started and expanded by Democratic presidents) in the early 1970s.

Third, Ronald Reagan, the greatest president of the 20th century (a Republican) ended the Cold War, which led to the liberation of Eastern European countries.

Fourth, a Republican Congress gave us a balanced budget in the mid 1990s (the first since the 1950s when we had a Republican president).

Here are reasons why people should vote conservative Republican. We are for:

* Smaller government.

* Fiscal responsibility.

* More freedom for all Americans (not less like under President Obama).

* Limited powers of the executive (not like the dictatorial things Obama does).

* Stopping the runaway national debt (like under Obama).

* Ending massive voter fraud (as the Democrats encourage).

* Putting people to work, not on welfare as Democrats want slaves to their party.

There are so many more.

I think what happened in Virginia, where the Tea Party turned out an entrenched Republican who did not truly represent his constituency, will happen in a grand way in 2016.

H. Ray Sigler


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