Letters to the Editor

June 26, 2014

Differences make us better

I think our people are divided into two extremes.

On the one extreme we have those who think the rich and corporations are evil and greedy and their only intent is to abuse the poor for their own benefit.

On the other extreme there are those who are rich and/or manage corporations.

This is the basis for the divisions we have in society, government and Congress.

I believe while some are evil, most just want to see everyone succeed because it usually means they are benefitting, too.

I think the folks who believe the rich and corporations are evil and greedy will never vote for Republicans.

But I also think that most of the people who will vote for the Democrats also are the only people with the mind-set necessary to do the jobs they hold and most of the people who do the jobs which a person does get rich doing or those who manage corporations would never find any of those other jobs interesting enough to keep them.

Therefor we need both groups of people to serve our industry and society.

It is an old cliche: "It takes every kind of people to make this big old world go around".

Maybe we need to acknowledge that we have different interests but similar needs and determine a way to coexist in society and government.

Everyone needs income but not everyone is capable of doing just any job and we should quit despising those who do them.

Brad Sewell


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