Letters to the Editor

June 27, 2014

Illinois, be tough on fracking

Fracking is becoming a common term in our area and raises some hopes and many concerns.

The Hydrolytic Fracturing Regulatory Act passed by the Illinois legislature last year was called "toughest law" yet on fracking. However, it has met with resistance as the regulatory rules drafted by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources do not appear to reflect this toughness.

Gov. Pat Quinn has promised that no fracking permits will be issued until the IDNR rules reflect the intent of the law. This would be by the IDNR addressing each of the points outlined in the "Dirty 30" document presented by Fair Economy Illinois.

I urge Quinn to keep his promise. I live along an earthquake zone and am concerned about the issue of earthquake activity. I am a former health care provider and am alarmed at the lack of access to information about chemicals used in fracking. May the rules be tough; our future depends on it.

M. Alan Wurth

Red Bud

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