Letters to the Editor

June 29, 2014

Sound-off 6/30

This is in regard to the expulsion of Vantezz Carter, a Belleville West student. I've know him for along while, and he is a wonderful young man and he wouldn't do anything that wasn't right. You can verify this by calling his former teachers. It's an abomination to think that this young man won't be graduating and can't play football any longer, forfeiting his chances for a football scholarship. All his dreams have been dashed. Carter is being expelled because he showed an air gun. The air gun was brought to the property by another student. This other student had five air guns in his possession five but he has not received any punishment. The school board should reconsider.

Different standards

I see the BND is chicken to expose the shady dealing in the Belleville building inspection department, especially with Main Street Market. How was the store allowed to remain open? Four years ago I tried to sell my home as is, built in the 1940s, and the inspector wouldn't allow it; it had to be brought up to code. I guess I was supposed to pad his pocket.

Water smells terrible

When is the water going to be cleared up enough to drink in Mascoutah? It is stinky and smells like old wet weeds; it's terrible.

Obama defended

I got a kick out of the Answer Man's usual defense of President Obama, this time about a question on executive orders. He specifically picked on Republicans, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George Bush and number of orders they issued. The problem is that Obama, being the socialist he is, only issues orders that hurt the country and further destroy our freedom.

A great people story

Wonderful story in the June 22 BND about Mattie Malone, the 99-year-old woman in East St. Louis. She's a living history book. BND, do more stories about people who live in the area. Thanks for a great story.

St. E's flees to O'Fallon

St. Elizabeth's Hospital has decided that it is going to re-envision the use of its Belleville location and move to a new facility in O'Fallon; they have declared the hospital obsolete. This translated most likely means it has no practical use as a health facility. It's amazing to me that other facilities in St. Louis, although older, can continue to modernize and expand on their grounds without abandoning their roots. I don't believe St. E's is landlocked as there is considerable acreage across the creek that could be acquired. I hope that the hospital will be demolished so that the site can some day serve a useful purpose rather than languish for years as an eyesore as did the old Christian Welfare Hospital in East St. Louis and as St. Mary's in East St. Louis is doing now. There is a name for what St. Elizabeth's is doing, it's called "white flight."

Reasons to leave

It was a sad day for Belleville to hear St. Elizabeth's Hospital plans to move. But no surprise, the writing has been on the wall for years. You cannot walk outside the hospital without gagging from the stench of the sewer lines. The streets around the hospital are in terrible condition. Throw in the raucous noise from the racetrack every Friday night, and it's no wonder that St. Elizabeth's or any business doesn't want to stick around under these unfavorable conditions. The closing of St. Elizabeth's Hospital will be the demise of Belleville, as all businesses will feel the ripple effect of less money in the local economy. There is a consolation prize; Belleville will be known as the new East St. Louis.

Politics at play

I want to thank the fine Democratic organization in Belleville for running off St. Elizabeth's Hospital. These are the same people who destroyed East St. Louis and left it in a shambles then blamed it on the black folks. Then these same people moved to Belleville. And now look at Belleville, most of the car franchises and many businesses have left Belleville. Look at the way the housing situation has been handled. The politicians won't be happy until Belleville has been destroyed and the rest of St. Clair County. Can you tell me anything good that these people have done? Not voting is to blame. Get with it, voters. Kick them out of office if you live here. Get over the stupid loyalty to Democrats.

Let there be more art

Belleville need not worry about St. Elizabeth's Hospital leaving and moving to O'Fallon. After all, all they need to do is take some of the $1 billion that Lindenwood University said it contributed to the city and buy St. Elizabeth's Hospital and turn it into a permanent art fair on the square. That way Belleville can be a shining beacon for the entire metro-east not just one weekend a year, but the entire year.

Hypocritical hospital

Rarely do I agree with Belleville Mayor Mark Eckert but his assessment of St. Elizabeth's Hospital moving to O'Fallon to follow the money instead of fulfilling its mission statement to "serve all" was right on target. Hypocrisy is always bad, but Christian hypocrisy is the worst.

Memorial's still here

Belleville Mayor Mark Eckert is so concerned about St. Elizabeth's Hospital leaving as if there would be no medical care in Belleville whatsoever. Did he forget that Memorial Hospital is here? Oh yes, he did forget because that is the west end of Belleville; he seems to forget about that part of town. Maybe he should have been more con-cerned when all the doctors left.

Correctness run amok

A Sonoma State University student worker is not allowed to wear a cross necklace because she was told it might offend someone. A group of four students at a University in Florida could not have Bible study in their dorm rooms because it might offend someone. You can't dress up like cowboys or YMCA guys, celebrate Cinco de Mayo, have a cross to commemorate World War I vets. I never thought the word Redskin was offensive in 68 years until someone said I should be offended. I still don't think it is offensive, but I want everyone to know that I am offended by anything they have done, are doing now or might do in the future. I'm just plain offended.

Enyart answers

In regard to the comment on U.S. Rep. Bill Enyart in June 23 Sound-off; I called during recess to Enyart, Rep. John Shimkus and Sen. Mark Kirk. I got the answering machine at Shimkus' office; he hasn't called back, At Kirk's office I didn't get a chance to leave a message and was disconnected. I called Enyart and when he answered himself I was so surprised. We had a nice talk and he answered my concerns. We need more like him.

Loyal to the machine

Regarding a recent Sound-off about the staff of U.S. Rep. Bill Enyart being unresponsive: Enyart's only priority is to please his seniors in his political party. If people want a representative who truly cares about the needs of the people, they need to replace him with someone who understands that a representative should represent the people, not the good ole boys in the political machine.

Slow down, folks

What is wrong with our country? Everyone is in such a hurry, running here and there. Road rage, cutting people off, not stopping, tailgating. In parking lots people walk out in front of you. Sit back, America; slow down. You are not the only one important. Let's show some respect for each other. Get an earlier start on your day so you don't have to be a maniac. Enjoy the world.

Get back the bonuses

I understand 80 percent of bonus-eligible VA managers received bonuses based on the false information they gave. What steps is Congress taking to get the bonus money back from these officials? Take the money back otherwise they are being rewarded for ill-treatment of our veterans.

Energy independence

The United States has been exporting oil since the 1970s, according to the TV news. What's the hullabaloo about the shortage of oil due to Iraq? If we can export oil, why are our gas prices so high? What's going to happen to the proposed pipeline from Canada? This country could be energy independent.

Don't fence us out

As a grandparent and resident of Swansea, I was disappointed when I took my grandkids to the splash pad. Grandparents have to stand outside of the fenced area. We can go to O'Fallon where you don't have to stand outside a fence. Why would Swansea put a fence up, because of insurance? That's an excuse. Crazy rules. People are moving out of Swansea for the same reason as Belleville.

What's in a name?

I'm calling about the hullabaloo concerning the name of the Washington Redskins and how offensive it is. What about the Atlanta Braves or the Cleveland Indians? People need to get a life and quit complaining.

Some roads slighted

I'd like for St. Clair County or the state to explain something to someone from below the bluff. Why is road repair only being done for the people above the bluff? Illinois 157 good example. It runs through Cahokia and they do only patch jobs on it. Why fix only part of it, it all needs repairs? North Belt West in Belleville has been rebuilt twice in 10 years; why? Because of the poor concrete work done the first time. Then they covered it with asphalt. The federal government should investigate.

Streets didn't hold up

Two years ago St. Clair Township put in new asphalt streets on Magnolia Drive and part of Shady Lane. The terms of the contract called for the asphalt to be 3 inches thick. The asphalt company instead installed only 1 inch of asphalt in places. The streets quickly fell apart and are now being replaced at a cost of several hundred thousand dollars. If this is correct, why isn't the township suing the asphalt company to recover the money? Is there a cozy connection between the asphalt company and the board?

High court got it right

The U.S. Supreme Court finally got it right; the Constitution says we should all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Give the protesters of abortions the right to protest. What a blow to President Obama and his cohorts who are trying to destroy the Constitution and the country.

Just a tax write-off

I think it's peachy that the Kern family has donated tax write-off money to the different institutions in Belleville. Isn't love wonderful?

Isn't this a crime?

After seeing a report on the news about how more than 80 percent of hospitals bill for services not needed or received, it becomes quite obvious why the cost of health care is so high. The only question is why aren't the people responsible for his financial fraud in jail?

Welcome to the zoo

I enjoy riding the Metro buses and can ride for free because I am disabled. But do they ever clean these buses? They smell terrible; they smell like you just entered the St. Louis Zoo. That's being too kind to Metro; sometimes the zoo smells better.

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