Letters to the Editor

June 30, 2014

Reconsider West student's expulsion

I hope Belleville High School District 201 reconsiders the decision to expel Vantezz Carter. The board members should really think about their decision. If Vantezz is expelled in his senior year, he might not return to school and instead become a high school drop-out. Vantezz is a senior. The board should look at the overall accomplishments of this student. If he has made it this far, the good apparently outweighs the bad.

Vantezz did something wrong. He is a teenager; that is common. Should he be punished? Yes, indeed. He must learn from his mistakes. Since his action did not result in any injuries and the item he displayed was a toy gun, I agree with the other writers that he should get a regular suspension and school-related community service throughout the year.

Marilyn M. Buchanan

District 201 paraprofessional


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