Letters to the Editor

July 1, 2014

Don't gamble on Christmas sales

Was the BND reporter there for the Downtown Development/Redevelopment Commission? If so, where are the rest of the questions asked? The Kecks were not the only ones to objected to plans for a Christmas market. The BND prints only what it wants.

Who would be paying for all the electric for this month, for the vendors who would be here and gone?

I suggest you come to the City Council meeting. Better yet, FOIA the Downtown Development/Redevelopment Commission meeting on June 23 and get a recording of the meeting. There are no separate meters up there for the separate businesses that wish to sell. Guess who pays?

This article didn't tell every thing that was said about this Christmas market. Just watch to see who rubber stamps this.

The Kecks are right. With people shopping online, are we getting all the sales tax that is due to Belleville? And yes, we have one of the highest sales taxes around.

The Kecks are right, these local business are fighting an uphill battle. Please come to the City Council meeting on Monday because the questions I will ask won't be printed in the paper and there are some very important ones such as to see who is subject to regulations and who isn't.

December is merchants' biggest time of the year for a profit. What will ensure the people will come back to shop? This would be a big gamble to take at this time of year for our local businesses.

Lillian Schneider

Alderwoman at large


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