Letters to the Editor

July 2, 2014

Blind to GOP obstruction

Unfortunately, many people still are totally ignorant about the most obstructive Republican Senate minority in history. Since President Obama took office, 60 votes are necessary in the Senate to avoid filibusters. Conservatives complain that Democrats also filibustered when they were in the minority. The numbers tell the story.

In the last six years of Democratic Senate minority, 201 filibusters were staged. The past 51/2 years, the GOP has staged 407. The number is 155 for the 113th do-nothing Congress with six months to go.

Conservatives who defend this obstruction believe it's good for the country that more bills are not becoming law, yet they blame Obama for the malaise and slow recovery.

Among the bills blocked by the GOP are: A September 2012 $1 billion jobs bill for veterans; 19 jobs bills before July 2012; 11 bills to eliminate tax breaks for job outsourcers and to eliminate tax havens for wealthy and corporations; a February $21 billion bill for VA health care, education and job benefits; a bill for homeless veterans; a fair pay bill for women; the closing of Guantanimo Bay prison; and a minimum wage increase bill.

We could easily pay for these bills and repair of our infrastructure with a crackdown on greedy outsourcers and tax havens.

Gene Robke


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