Letters to the Editor

July 6, 2014

Is St. Clair County paying for nothing?

Using a Freedom of Information request, I obtained a copy of a St. Clair County Board member's check stub to determine the various benefits received by elected officials. One of the line items on the check stub is titled "state unemployment tax." I called the county to ask about the meaning of this line item, but an administrator refused to discuss any line items with me.

Without input from the county, I am left to infer that the state unemployment tax is the county's payment toward unemployment insurance for elected officials. The problem is that, according to the Illinois Department of Employment Security, elected officials are not eligible for unemployment insurance.

If this line item is really paying for unemployment insurance for elected officials, this expense could be removed from every elected official's check and thus save the taxpayers thousands of dollars annually. I suggest that the county administration look into this issue to see if this line item payment should be removed from the checks.

Timothy L. Buchanan

County Board Candidate, District 28 Swansea

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