Letters to the Editor

July 3, 2014

Tyranny is near -- or maybe already here

Yes, the "whole system is corrupt" as stated by former Marine Richard Hart regarding the VA and yes, we should march on Washington as recommended by Charles Clark, of Collinsville.

Government is truly broken and the fault lies with all of the past and current politicians who have perverted the system to solely benefit themselves. The failure to appoint qualified and impartial leaders to state and federal departments instead of political cronies who lack relevant experience has created a government that will fail. Unfortunately, we have no one to bail us out like the banks and General Motors did.

The horrific results will spare no one and our country will be destroyed unless we can regain control and institute sweeping changes throughout the political system. We cannot be all things to all people.

The current actions of government show tyranny is at our doorstep. From our local judiciaries to the U.S. Supreme Court, it appears political philosophies and allegiances certainly play a role, which prevents the citizens the opportunity to control government.

When the IRS is corrupted for political gain and the attorney general, working in concert with the president, refuses to appoint a special prosecutor in this and other relevant matters, i.e., immigration, Benghazi and VA, then tyranny is near.

If the recently reported information is validated alleging the IRS transferred more than 1 million documents to the FBI so they could target conservative groups, this subversion of the FBI at the highest levels confirms tyranny is here. Sadly, trust and character appear to be absence in our political arenas, while spin, half-truths, misstatements, etc., are abundant.

William Barrett


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