Letters to the Editor

July 1, 2014

Worse than Richard Nixon

I've reached the conclusion that Barack Obama is the most corrupt and criminal president since Richard M. Nixon. Nixon resigned because he tried to protect men who were implicated in the Watergate scandal. Because of Watergate, both Democrats and Republicans were willing to impeach him, with the foregone conclusion that he would have been convicted and removed from office.

The Obama administration is much worse. They allowed four men, including our ambassador to Libya, to be murdered. Their murderers were not a mob brought together by a video disparaging Islam; these men planned and executed those murders. While the ambassador and his staff pleaded for help, Obama went to sleep because he had a campaign fundraiser in Colorado to attend the next day.

No help was dispatched even though American forces in the region were ready to go to their rescue. Obama then concocted the video story and sent Susan Rice to tell the American people lies.

Obama uses the NSA to spy on Americans, gathering all e-mail traffic and phone calls. He also uses the IRS to deny opposition Americans the right to have non-profit tax status the same as liberal political activists. This denial resulted in these groups' voices not being heard in the 2012 elections. I could give more examples of corruption but don't have the space to do so.

This administration is morally bankrupt and needs to be removed now.

John Simon

Fairview Heights

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