Letters to the Editor

July 8, 2014

Where was the U.S. flag?

My wife, Patricia, and I always sit at Sixth and Main streets to watch the Shriner's parade. Three years ago seven or eight couples also sat there who were extremely mad because they did not lead the parade with the Stars and Stripes properly. They all said they would not watch anymore of their parades.

Two years ago it got worse and they were not there. Thank God they were not there this year. The parade did not have any form of the American flag leading it. It was led by cars of politicians who are too lazy to walk like the rest of the people in the parade. No flag.

The Shriners should make a huge apology to the citizens of Belleville. Belleville is a military town and should be treated like one. Flying the Air Force flag would not hurt, either.

They used to have a gentleman standing in the middle of 17th and Main streets holding the American flag waiting for the parade to start. But not anymore. They are pathetic.

Maybe it is because of this behavior that many people in the military do not retire in Belleville or St. Clair County. I was not in the Air Force but was in the Marines and Army.

David Knapp


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