Letters to the Editor

July 10, 2014

Sound-off comment was a joke, right?

Regarding the unsigned comment under the headline, "Aim higher than $10" in Monday's Sound-off: I have to think this letter was either written tongue in cheek, meant to be humorous, meant to be sarcastic or meant to be ludicrous because I cannot believe any sensible person would have written it seriously.

If everyone should get $50,000 whether or not they work, why would anyone work and where would the money come from to give everyone the $50,000?

It would be ideal if employees could earn more but for them to get more pay, the business owners would have to charge more for goods and services. These higher paid employees are the consumers for these goods and services so they have to pay more because the business owners have to cover their costs as well as make a profit.

Simply put: Higher wages equal higher costs to the workers equal higher selling prices to the consumers who are the above-stated workers (who will then need more pay to cover the additional expense of the goods and services).

If the writer of the Sound-off was serious, he or she needs to move to a socialist country that believes in distribution of the wealth.

Sharron A. Lindsey


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