Letters to the Editor

July 12, 2014

Legal guns aren't the problem

If BND letter writer Michael Ray Dillier feels the need to carry a gun for protection, it's not due to the law-abiding citizens who are legally carrying. The reason that people are registering to legally carry guns and are attending classes to do so is because of the thugs and losers who have no respect for the law or life and have no qualms about blowing a hole in you for your wallet or just for the fun of it.

The comment was made that if people are allowed to legally carry firearms, then this country would be turned back into the wild West. But back in the wild West days, no one walked into a bar and slaughtered 15 or 20 people because everyone knew that once they fired a shot or two, anyone else who was in that bar with a gun (I assure you there were more than one) would fight back. There was a reason that a certain gun was called the Peacemaker.

Gerard Luebbers


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