Letters to the Editor

July 14, 2014

Picture this editorial cartoon

Glenn McCoy's cartoon of President Obama being taken to the Supreme Court woodshed could have been done another way. My version would have a man resembling Justice John Roberts, with the words Supreme Court on his back, driving a nail into a coffin lid. On the lid would be the letters RIP and GOP.

Five Republican Supreme Court men again made a decision that adversely affects women, who are one of the GOP's vanishing voting blocs. Recently the Republican Senate minority blocked a bill for equal pay for women. This next November they will again be agonizing over the lack of support from women.

If you think this decision was about Hobby Lobby's religious and moral values, consider this. Hobby Lobby's God allows insurance coverage for vasectomies, Viagra and erection devices for men.

Hobby Lobby has a cozy relationship with China, where 330 million abortions have been performed the last 40 years. Their retirement fund is invested in many companies producing abortion and contraception products.

Our Supreme Court has just knocked out a block in the wall that separates church and state. The flood gates have opened to allow bosses to dictate health choices. I believe this decision was more about poking a finger in Obama's eye than religious grounds.

Be wary of those who claim to know God.

Gene Robke


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