Letters to the Editor

July 15, 2014

The good and bad of the BND

Coloring the cartoons in the BND (most of which make no sense) annoys me. It adds nothing to the newspaper.

The new format for the celebrity birthdays is unreadable. I used to enjoy it.

Put the classified and stock information in one section. I have no interest in either one.

I have recently been subjected to three knee operations -- two due to an incompetent local doctor, one by a doctor in St. Louis at St. Mary's who cleans up other doctors' messes. I was put into a coma for six days by overdosing on drugs at a metro-east nursing (rehabilitation) home.

Two lawyers have refused to sue for me, although you can imagine the pain, suffering and loss of Medicare. This would be a worthwhile cause for your paper to pursue: abuse of senior citizens. I understand the network of doctors makes it nearly impossible to get justice.

I am mostly interested in obituaries at my age and I see no reason to move them around. Dear Abby and a couple of cartoons are my only interest. The big photos are obnoxious. I also would prefer having articles on one page.

Caryl Jane Yancey

Fairview Heights

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