Letters to the Editor

July 18, 2014

An incredible journey for all

Thank you to the community of Fairview Heights, and in particular the area west of the intersection of Illinois 159 and Lincoln Trail.

Michael and Ashley Schmitt have found their beloved dog, Tucker, a 2-year-old lab/beagle mix. He was lost from July 3 until July 15. During that time, hundreds of flyers were passed out and posted and miles of pavement and woods walked. There were days of profound disappointment and then hopeful days with someone in our community sighting him.

The Fairview Heights Police Department, Parks and Recreation, the USPS and UPS, Animal Control, Humane Society, lostdogsillinois.org, Facebook and Craig's List were means of searching. One woman from Belleville, a true animal lover, searched morning, noon and night on many of the days. Sightings were by a neighbor, a policeman, local residents, the dog groomer and a grass cutter. Finally on July 15, a concerned Fairview Heights resident miraculously saw Tucker sleeping under a bush in her backyard. She quickly closed the gate. Exultant joy. Found and homeward bound.

Humans come from many backgrounds. We may strongly disagree on many things, but one uniting force is our love for animals. God gives us qualities of compassion, concern, understanding and love.

They have shined brilliantly on the Schmitt family over the last couple weeks. Thank you again to Fairview Heights.

Judy Schmitt

Fairview Heights

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