Letters to the Editor

July 18, 2014

Law-abiding people apply

Seems like one of our top two liberal provocateurs recently penned a letter to the Belleville News-Democrat complaining about the new law in Illinois authorizing concealed carry weapons. In the letter he says he will probably start to carry a weapon himself because he would be afraid to enter a restaurant knowing that there may be some crazy people with concealed weapons inside.

Does he not know that to get a FOID card in Illinois, one has to go through a background check and prove to be a law-abiding citizen? Further training and scrutiny is required by the gun owner to obtain a CCW. So these permit holders are not dangerous criminals as our letter writer implies, they are law-abiding citizens.

So, no need to fear these CCW-holding people. I would suggest to the letter writer that it would be much wiser when entering a restaurant to fear people with tattoos and piercings all over them. Anyone who would deface his body like that is definitely unstable.

Daniel Wayne


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