Letters to the Editor

July 19, 2014

Voting changes intended to benefit Quinn

Your editorial "Early voting ripe for fraud" hit the mark. However, may I suggest that when Gov. Pat Quinn's upstate supermajority railroaded the bill through the capitol, they exceeded mere political cronyism and exhibited the earmarks of tyranny.

Jon Roland, an expert in tyranny's methods, wrote: "Those who have no intention of perpetrating tyranny can slip into tyranny; tyranny doesn't have to be deliberate." Roland lists a tyrant's methods to include the control of public information and vote fraud to prevent the election of reformers.

Quinn faces Bruce Rauner, an economic reform candidate. Legislators gave Quinn a huge tax increase to solve Illinois' economic problems in 2011. Since then Illinois added 244,000 people to food stamp rolls while 14.5 percent now live in poverty. Illinois still doesn't pay bills on time, remains second in unemployment and third in underemployment.

With Quinn trailing in the polls, his voting bill applies only to this year's elections, allowing for registration on Election Day while not requiring a photo ID. Did Quinn seem like the Illinois minister of propaganda, controlling information and stating: "We want voting as easy as possible." As the BND suggests. perhaps it also makes vote fraud as easy as possible.

In a baseball analogy, Quinn batted cleanup but Illinois' economy remains a shambles. Like Mighty Casey, Quinn struck out. Polls say it "s time for the next batter. Did someone just change the game's rules to prevent reform and keep Quinn at the plate?

Philip W. Chapman


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