Letters to the Editor

July 19, 2014

Immigration with order

Letter writer Kevin Gagen recently opined that we should allow all refugees into our country because, after all, we've done it before. We have, but in a controlled manner.

U.S. law permits a set number of refugees entry to escape war-torn countries or significant political risk, such as Russian Jews, Vietnamese, Myanmar, Iraqis and Bosnians. However, these operations were in cooperation with Congress and the State Department and were orderly and planned. Families, churches and local governments were prepared for the legally authorized immigrants and there was no chaos on the border or crammed detention facilities filled with children like we are seeing today.

The Obama administration allowed this to spiral out of control and until lately, did nothing to discourage these families from making a dangerous 1,200-mile trip, aided by the Mexican drug cartels to reach the U.S./Mexican border. The media reports many children have died enroute or have been kidnapped into the sex trade.

If liberals would like to donate to help these children, there are many fine organizations that help these families back in their home countries, but many liberals disdain private charity and prefer that our government spend other people's money on solving problems such as this.

Phil Henning


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