Letters to the Editor

July 19, 2014

Not really refugees

In the recent letter "America forgets its roots," the writer obviously doesn't know what the term "illegal" means. These children are not refugees; they are here illegally and many of them arrive here via airline transporta-tion.

This country was founded by masses of immigrants, but this country no longer needs tens of thousands of immigrants coming here to fill jobs that we no longer have. There is an estimated 15 million illegals here now marching in our streets, demanding citizenship. An additional 79,000 illegals have arrived since last year and 9,000 per month are coming in.

We as a nation welcome legal immigrants and their determination for achieving the American dream but we should not be forced by the liberal writers, thinkers, politicians and organizers to accept illegals.

Doesn't the writer have any clue of the financial burden that comes with 15 million illegals, or is he just naive?

Kevin Sheridan

Fairview Heights

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