Letters to the Editor

July 22, 2014

Prenzler worthy of re-election

I am not a Republican or a Democrat; in fact, I am pretty cynical about politics these days but I wanted to write a letter for my friend Kurt Prenzler, the Madison County treasurer.

I have known Kurt for about seven years. His wife is my friend and his kids are friends with my kids. But I would still not vote for him if I didn't believe he was helping Madison County taxpayers.

He does have a target on his back as has been reported, but honestly, you could not meet a nicer person than Prenzler. His motivation is not to be another politician. He ran for office because he believed he could streamline the budget and save taxpayers money.

I remember before he ran, he had already researched the budgets of other counties and believed there was waste and promised to cut the budget by 30 percent, which he did. He also exposed the corruption that has put our former treasurer in prison and caused undo hardship on Madison County residents, even causing them to lose their homes.

I would challenge taxpayers to not just believe what they hear about Kurt, but to research the good things he has done for the county since taking office.

Thanks to Kurt for being a true servant of the people. Madison County needs more people like him to run for office.

Robin Chomko


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