Letters to the Editor

July 22, 2014

Easier to blame Obama

Quite a few News-Democrat readers said they were awaiting my response to the conservative letter writers who challenged my letter urging citizens not to support Republican leadership in November.

Sorry, I missed reading the responses to my letter because 20 friends and I went on a train ride to Denver and Las Vegas; we were gone for two weeks. However, I seriously doubt I missed anything because, like robots, these obsessed conservatives seemed to have been programmed to chant only the name, "Obama, Obama, Obama."

But that's understandable. They have to place the blame somewhere when it's impossible to give three positive innovations the Republican senators and congressmen have made. They haven't even made one worthwhile innovation.

Imagine. These conservatives have the audacity to blame President Obama for the Central American youth trying to cross our borders when it was President Bush who supported the law that gives amnesty to such youth. They also blame foreign smugglers for encouraging these children to come, but this plan was homegrown.

Remember when pressure was put on the wealthy people, the farmers and fruit growers to get rid of their workforce of illegal aliens? Well, if these youth are allowed to enter this country, they, and later their parents, will replace the illegal aliens. What a way out for the Republicans who won't have to vote on a comprehensive immigration plan.

Frankie Seaberry


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