Letters to the Editor

July 24, 2014

Immigration rules get turned upside down

I've been watching the illegal immigrant situation for some time now. What baffles me about the situation is that this country was founded on the principle that we all follow the same rules. Human nature being what it is, that never happens in reality, but there are supposed to be consequences for not following them.

Now it seems law-abiding citizens are being punished and criminals are rewarded. Legal immigrants pay thousands of dollars and devote a lot of time to get permission to enter. The illegal immigrants and their supporters are turning the country into the wild West again.

Further, I notice that some people think anyone who wants to cross the border should be allowed to do so. I'm wondering if any of those people have armed bodyguards, live in gated communities, have locks on their doors or security systems? Do they lock their cars when they park them? If so, why?

According to their belief about the border, they should let anyone in the house and feed, clothe and educate them. It's the humanitarian thing to do, you know.

Elizabeth Brown

New Athens

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