Letters to the Editor

July 26, 2014

Lead and close District 189

One of your letter writers decided to respond to my previous letter calling retired St. Clair County Judge Milton Wharton and his associates leeches and Uncle Toms.

His letter had nothing to do with the issue. Wharton's accomplishments may be impressive to the writer but his judgeship does not impress me at all. Wharton's decision to allow failing schools to continue to operate gives us a glimpse of his failures as a member of the East St. Louis District 189 Financial Oversight Panel.

Obviously the writer does not know what makes a man a leader. Honesty, integrity and fairness is what makes a man a leader, not one's accomplishments.

County taxpayers deserve better appointments to the panel than the Uncle Toms selected by Illinois Superintendent Chris Koch.

If Wharton and his associates were truly concerned about the fate of District 189 children, he would advise the state to close the district and send the children to a school district where they could get a decent education.

Kevin Sheridan

Fairview Heights

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