Letters to the Editor

July 27, 2014

Sound-off 7/28

I am writing regarding the parking meters around St. Peter's Cathedral and St. Elizabeth's Hospital on Second Street in Belleville. Family members do not always know how long they will be visiting their loved ones who are patients in the hospital. Also Mass may go longer at the Cathedral than expected. When I go to Memorial Hospital I do not see any meters around its buildings. It seems to me that something is out of balance, or should I say unfair? Who can correct this problem?

Oppose sewer hike

When local government needs to find ways to lower taxes to stimulate job creation in this area, Stookey Township has the gall to propose a huge increase in the sewer tax, affecting not only homeowners but also tenants. It will lower property values and raise rents, It will disproportionately affect people with lower incomes. Please contact Township Supervisor David Bone to oppose any increase in the sewer tax.

A good sign for village

Many, many condemned signs -- maybe 100 -- have gone up all across Washington Park. Any idea on what is going on? Long past due, in my opinion.

Wrong kind of church

Now I know what church not to attend. You should be a shamed of yourselves for publishing the gay marriage pictures.

No comparison

Regarding the July 22 editorial: Putting the death of former U.S. Sen. Alan Dixon on the front page of the newspaper was news. There is no comparing that with putting the photos and article about gay marriage on the front page. There is no comparison between Dixon and a couple of lesbians. Your paper really needs help.

Poor news judgment

Full coverage of lesbians on the front page while the rest of the world is going to hell in a handbasket. You are really a small-town newspaper.

No repairs, no sale

The former owners of Main Street Market had to know how many things were wrong with that building before they sold it. In Belleville you can't sell a house without it being up to code. Why did the city turn its head on this one?

Here's a dumb idea

Gov. Pat Quinn feels it's dumb to let Illinois taxpayers keep more of their money. I think it's a dumb idea that he is running for a third term. Who knows more about how to spend taxpayers' money than those who legally earn it?

Forget the fence

Trying to secure the border with Mexico though fencing and other means just isn't going to work. People will climb over fences and then the government will need people monitoring the situation. Simple solution: land mines. That may offend some people. Too bad; it will only happen a few times before they stop trying. In the long run it's more humane than immigrants starving and dying of heat stroke as they try to get into the country.

New editor needed

I was disappointed to see the photo of the gay couple getting married on the front page. Sadly it is a sign of our times but it is not newsworthy. I'm glad school wasn't in session; the students didn't get this in the classroom. We need new reporters or a better editor.

License to deceive

The Secretary of State needs to think twice about issuing semi-cardboard license plates to people who have bought a car and don't have plates already. This is a terrible idea because they are being misused. I know of a half dozen people who transfer those around to whatever car they are driving. These things are tattered and torn; you can't read the numbers and many of the plates are expired. The Belleville Police don't look for expired license plates. The same is true on license stickers and mobile phone use and driving without lights on. All these things are dangerous to drivers, but no enforcement.

Missing the mark

This is in regard to the article about the shooting complex in Sparta and the allegations of sexual harassment made by a former employee. The shooting complex is a multi-million dollar flop just like Mid-America Airport. More than $50 million of our state tax dollars were spent initially. Concerts have been flops and several have been cancelled because of low ticket sales. This venue needs to be used to its fullest capability. Someone with expertise needs to be running it. Why isn't the Illinois Department of Natural Resources investigating? Don't IDNR leaders care what their employees are doing?

Enough already

Does Russia have to physically attack the United States, sink some ships or shoot down some of our planes, before we decide enough is enough? It's a good thing I'm not president. I'd be pulling out all my diplomats and closing the embassy until they come around.

Retirement is different

As a retired military, I found it amusing as to how local leaders were reacting to the results of a survey about where active duty military Air Force members like serving. I recall a short time ago Illinois was rated among the worst for those who retired. When all the tax-free benefits go away the minute you retire, you realize the real cost of government without any real relief. Belleville was a nice place to live while on active duty, but now that I'm retired, not so much.

The bar gets lowered

I was already disgusted with your failure to cover two major items of international news on your front page -- the Ukrainian air disaster and the Israeli action in Gaza which were both buried in later pages. Following this failure, one couple's relationship covered nearly the entire front page and more of your July 20 paper. Calling those who disagree with you "angry" is unprofessional and does not rationally support an argument. Poor journalism has become the standard for your newspaper, which is consistently filled with typographical and grammatical errors.

Worried about police

After reading about St. Clair County State's Attorney Brendan Kelly and former State's Attorney Bob Haida's lack of confidence with a number of area police officers, I have less of a concern with private citizens and concealed carry and more apprehension about the police officers we arm. Given that most cops have type A personalities, it is only a matter of time before one goes off the rail and becomes responsible for a mass killing.

Changing places

I often wonder whether the truck drivers hauling the gravel out of the quarries in Dupo and Columbia would like to sustain the damage to their cars that they cause to other people's vehicles. By law their truck is supposed to be covered up and swept off. So how about the police start ticketing these truck drivers for damaging other people's vehicles and preventing possible fatal outcomes? Nothing like having a softball-size rock fall out of a truck, bouncing up and breaking the windshield of my five-day-old car and the truck owner said, "Too bad."

Terminate the trooper

What is wrong with the Illinois State Police? Are they so corrupt that they cannot terminate one of their own? Trooper Brad Wilken allegedly choked and intimidated a motorist, has a history of anger management issues and has such major credibility issues that his testimony is worthless in a court of law. You would think the ISP would have learned a lesson from its dealings with former trooper Matt Mitchell, another malcontent whose reckless conduct cost Illinois taxpayers millions of dollars. Mitchell's total disregard for public safety took the lives of two beautiful young girls. Get rid of Wilken before it's too late and Illinois taxpayers go for another expensive ride.

A cap tip to Odorizzi

I love the photo in the Thursday paper of Highland native Jake Odorizzi tipping his cap. BND reporter David Wilhelm wrote a really good article. If the St. Louis Cardinals had to lose, at least they lost to an extremely talented hometown boy like Jake.

Promote local sports

I do not understand your sports section. We have Fairmount Park, with quite a few employees and much interest in horse racing locally, yet you do not publish much about it. Instead you write about cycling, boxing, tennis and bowling. Why don't you promote the local sports and forget about the out of town stuff?

Belleville, start bailing

I'll be darned if somebody in Collinsville bails out the Brooks Catsup bottle but nobody in Belleville bails out the former Belleville Hotel. All the bankers, lawyers and big businessmen in Belleville should be taken out and beaten. This town is full of old money and the failure for someone to come forward and save this site is a disgrace.

Bad for business

Thanks to the Democrats and President Obama, Walgreens may move its headquarters out of America because we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world. I don't like to see tax avoidance but I can't blame the company if it leaves. Why doesn't the U.S. lower the tax rate and bring businesses back to create a bunch of jobs? Get these Democrats out of office.

Let landlord move in

Great work by the Belleville Police in capturing the suspects in the West Main Street apartment shooting. Maybe the owner needs to leave Florissant, Mo., and come live in the Belleville complex to see what's happening.

Arnold owns up

To the Sound-off caller attacking Fairview Heights Alderwoman Linda Arnold: I think the BND's editorial about Arnold changing her mind on TGI Friday's was right; thank you to the editor for calling it like it is. I'd like to recognize Arnold for realizing and admitting her mistake then doing the right thing. Many politicians don't.

Who would donate?

If any Illinois resident doubts that our political system is corrupt, please explain to me how a governor who has done a despicable job would have millions of campaign dollars funneled to his war chest.

Growing better

Bringing in the marijuana-growing business to Marissa will bring positive improvements for the town. It is outdated thinking and propaganda from the government that gives this new business a bad rap. What about all the bars in town? Alcohol- related accidents are a leading cause of death and injury.

Bar shares in blame

This is an observation about the accident in which a girl was struck and killed on the highway in Breese. Everyone is crucifying the young man accused of hitting her, but I think some of the blame lies with the bar that both of them were at prior to this (probably most of the blame). The girl was intoxicated and walking on a main highway. Why was she walking alone? This young man had also been at the bar. This could have been any one of us on that highway. His mistake was trying to get rid of the vehicle after the accident.

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