Letters to the Editor

July 28, 2014

Sanctuary for the children?

With the ongoing influx of children crossing our southern border, the biggest problem seems to be what to do with them. With so many cities and states refusing to accept them, it occurred to me that there are many places where they would be welcomed with open arms.

Back in the George W. Bush administration, a lot of cities proclaimed themselves "sanctuary cities" where undocumented aliens could go to live without fear of being deported. Just about every college town like Madison, Wisc., and Austin, Texas, are on that list along with other famously liberal places like San Francisco, Chicago and New York.

I'm sure that the people running those cities would be happy to have these "refugees," Nancy Pelosi's word, to care for as we wait for their families to find them. The citizens who voted for those politicians should be more than willing to pay those costs.

To do otherwise would be blatant hypocrisy.

Gary Duff


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