Letters to the Editor

July 29, 2014

No money but no layoffs

With all the talk we get from our illustrious leaders about how we need more money (taxes) for everything under the sun, we must eventually ask the question of exactly why.

Why is it that in good times, businesses hire more people and pay good wages, but when times turn bad, they lay off workers and/or cut wages just so they can keep their people working? I can't remember (or at least never heard about) the last time any form of federal or state government decided that they simply had to lay off people because they didn't have the money to pay them. All we ever hear is that we can't possibly do that because then we would have to cut firefighters, teachers, EMTs, child care, etc.

Why don't they ever talk about laying off their own staff ? Maybe it's because all of those firefighters, etc. are immediately recognized for their real-life contributions to society. What do the political lackeys contribute?

Just once I'd like to hear some government official say he could or will reduce his staff. I guess I'll have to wait a while for that -- maybe until we get a new administration.

Tom Gagen


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