Letters to the Editor

July 30, 2014

Dixon set the bar for how to serve

Sen. Alan Dixon was clearly a historic person who exemplified all that is good and wholesome about American politics.

He set the mark for all of us who serve, whatever our position. He never forgot the words of House Speaker Sam Rayburn that, "any office within the gift of the people is a great honor."

Dixon's long tenure in public office as well as his work as an attorney was marked with unfailing courtesy to everyone with whom he dealt.

I can recall Dixon's concession speech the day after the primary in 1992. He spoke eloquently of his years of public service and he stated something to the effect, "I have drunk deeply from the fountain of public service and I am fully satisfied." My memory may cause me to forget the accuracy of this quote but his vivid description of a great career is something we should all remember, especially those who serve in public office.

William Haine

State senator, 56th District Alton

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