Letters to the Editor

July 31, 2014

Mother judged unfairly

Ginger Zehner has been accused of pleading down her case (related to the death of her son Stephen) to get a lighter sentence; that's not what happened.

The original charge was for purchasing alcohol resulting in a death. She wasn't guilty of that; witnesses found the six-pack still hid in a hoodie along with a half-pint tucked under the front seat; neither had been drank. When the charge was dropped to buying the alcohol, she pleaded guilty.

I love Stephen very much and am proud of the young man he had grown into. He loved his mother, his father and his three sisters. He was a peacemaker and wanted everyone to get along. He had the respect of teachers and students and appreciated the importance of a good education. He tutored and convinced many to stay in school. He was so proud of his mom continuing her education.

He was always so responsible in everything he did, that's why the poor choices he made his last night are so confusing.

A lot of mistakes were made that night. The parents who allowed the party where the alcohol was consumed made a mistake. The people who let them get into the car under the influence made a mistake. The establishment that sold liquor to another underage male for the party made a mistake.

The fact that his mom is the only one being punished for that night is not only a mistake, it's not justice.

Mary Corbitt

New Baden

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