Letters to the Editor

July 31, 2014

Skewed view of Israel, Hamas

The column Sunday by Steve Tamari is dangerous in its deceptive mischaracterization of the history of the Israeli and the Palestinian conflict. Tamari states, "In 1967 the rest of historic Palestine came under Israeli rule." In Tamari's fertile imagination, he believes thuggish Israelis ran over the Palestinian lands for no reason. Tamari obviously forgets that the Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian armies were trying to annihilate Israel in the Six-Day War.

In the present struggle, Tamari wants us to believe Hamas is a humanitarian organization like Optimist International. Israel for no reason one day decided to bomb Gaza. Forgetting, Hamas has been lobbing rockets into Israel for some time. Israel showed great restraint before starting this campaign. A civilized people can only be pushed so far before they respond to the barbarism of Hamas.

The examples of Hamas barbarism against Israel and their own people are numerous. They cowardly hide in populated areas to fire their missiles. They use schools, mosques and marketplaces as weapons depots and launching areas. They hope an Israel counterstrike will kill their own people to manipulate the world press.

The U.N. blames Israel for deaths of these human shields. Israel on the other hand gives notice in numerous ways to the Palestinians of each target they will bomb next. If only the Israeli population received the same courtesy from Hamas.

Hamas cares only about killing Israelis; they care little how it is achieved, even over the dead bodies of its own people.

In a war between barbarians and civilization, please choose civilization.

Bradley Kohring


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