Letters to the Editor

August 1, 2014

Use the power of the ballot

There is no excuse for an 18-year-old and others who do not have a voting card. Young men need to put down their guns and pick up a voting card so they can vote. That's what changes a community.

Their voice will be heard through participation in the village and city government. They can run for office. The guns will get them in prison or the graveyard. Fighting and cussing will get them nowhere.

There are enough youth 18 and older who aren't involved in the communities. Now they have an opportunity to involve themselves.

They should support somebody that they trust and look up to. Power is voting.

Voting is so easy. They can vote by absentee vote. They don't even need an excuse. They can vote early in case they might be too busy on Election Day.

I will have every 18-year-old in my church registered to vote and they will be willing and ready to go to the polls. They are our youth and can make a change today. We will have voters registration on Aug. 23 during our annual free hot dogs and school supply giveaway.

Come on, brothers and sisters, let's make a difference in our community.

Bishop John H. Williams


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