Letters to the Editor

August 3, 2014

Fairview Heights falls behind on upkeep

After the Fairview Heights City Council approved the wasteful spending of taxpayer funds on a nearly $1 million beautification project, motorists can view 4-foot high weeds, dead trees and shrubs.

Scott Rich, Pat Baeske and other council members voted for this and now taxpayers hold the bag for shoddy work and the upkeep, which obviously isn't being kept up.

Hopefully people like Rich will stay out of politics; we sure can't afford anymore birdbrained mistakes like this one.

Perhaps the handful of council members who rammed this down taxpayers throats would be kind enough to go up one weekend and cut the grass, cut down the dead trees and then hand in their resignations -- unless, of course, they have already moved on.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Kevin Sheridan

Fairview Heights

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