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August 3, 2014

Sound-off 8/4

At the intersection of West Main Street and Illinois 157 in Belleville is Eckert Park. It seems to me that at $159,000 for a building and $20,000 to tear it down, the city has a very expensive piece of property. Nearly $200,000 for this park, $1 million for Bicentennial Park and $50,000 for lights downtown. The city has robberies on Sunday mornings and shootings on Monday afternoons. No money for police officers, but for millions for parks. Mayor Mark Eckert's priorities are a little misguided.

Where was Eckert?

Recently the Belleville West End Promotional Committee had its monthly meeting following a shooting at an apartment complex on the west end. I can't believe Mayor Mark Eckert was too busy to attend. I know Roger Wigginton is the chairman of the committee and recently was dropped from the city's Zoning Board because he supported a rival candidate for mayor. Mayor Mark Eckert needs to put his agenda aside and start representing the whole city of Belle-ville.

Missed opportunity

The west end Belleville leader who is upset with crime would do well to remember there was a former mayoral candidate who did have a plan to address the crime problems. Instead the west end leader threw his support to someone else to disrupt an otherwise two-way race. So what goes around, comes around.

Military voting rights

Our liberal letter writers complain that there is no such thing as voter fraud and we should allow anyone to vote. We don't want to check IDs because we are suppressing their votes. So why does the Obama administration refuse to send absentee ballots to the military 45 days before an election as the law requires? Is that not suppressing the vote? Maybe it's because the military, the people fighting for our freedom to vote, tend to vote overwhelmingly Republican.

How convenient

The story the paper carried about Bob Romanik was interesting, especially since one court threw out the charges against him. It's pretty convenient for St. Clair County Board Chairman Mark Kern, whose wife filed a complaint against Romanik, to have free use of the county prosecutor, I hope Romanik turns around and sues them for his attorney's fees. The single-party system is getting old and ridiculous with the Demo-cratic Party. It's time to end this this.

Kelly's inconsistent

I wish St. Clair County State's Attorney Brendan Kelly would show as much zeal for the law in prosecuting Coroner Rick Stone as he does in the case against Bob Romanik. Not only is Kelly a disgrace to his office, he is an embarrassment to himself for being County Board Chairman Mark Kern's puppet.

Investigation needed

Katherine O'Malley, the daughter of a former St. Clair County judge, has had 49 traffic violations. No license suspension for this? I wonder if the state's attorney will follow up to find out why all but one of those 49 violations were dismissed. How about a follow up by the BND? Why isn't this being investigated? And people keep voting in these same corrupt politicians.

How many tickets?

On Tuesday you ran an article about an ex-judge's daughter being cited after hitting local basketball star. The interesting part was she has received 49 previous traffic tickets in St. Clair County. How many tickets do you get before they don't let you drive anymore?

Focus on big problems

Two managers of the Illinois State Fair got fined and the one still employed by the state suspended for exchanging a few hundred dollars worth of beer tickets. Medicare and Medicaid fraud in Illinois is in the billions but that is allowed to slide. The State Fair discipline is a publicity stunt because it's an election year.

Thanks to McHughs

Thank you to Mary McHugh's children. I wish the marvelous Mary, who died recently, could have had visitation at her beloved Franklin School in Belleville then transferred to Vienna, Ill. I can understand the family shared Mary all their lives and wanted their goodbyes to be a little private and not have a big production in Belleville for their mom. It was my honor and privilege to know Mary 50 years. She was part of our family; we'll never forget and always love her.

Wait, the Cubs won

Why was there a picture of Cardinal players Matt Holiday and Allen Craig on the front of the sports section when the Chicago Cubs won the game?

U.S. losing appeal

It's ironic that all these illegals are streaming across our borders from poor countries in South America, most of them socialist countries. And they are coming to America so President Obama can make America a Third World socialist country. Maybe they'll go back home then.

Is there a coverup?

I heard that recently the Belleville Police were called because of four youth on a parking lot at an east end tavern. When they were searched, one youth had a gun on them. I didn't see anything in the paper about it. Is Belleville hiding the facts from the people that we have a bunch of thugs running around the city? Take a look at the apartments on Freedom Drive and a number of other locations, all have thugs living in there. The landlords need to start enforcing ordinances, throw the thugs out.

Grocery store needed

Belleville Mayor Mark Eckert seems so concerned about getting businesses in the west end and toward Shiloh. How about the people in the southeast end? We need a grocery store -- Dollar General, Save-A-Lot or Aldi's. There is nothing from 11th Street to McClintock but gas stations. They are fine for gas but too expensive for food.

Be proactive on crime

The Belleville Police need to be proactive instead of reactive concerning crime in the city. There is a shooting in an apartment building and then five days later Police Chief Bill Clay says they are going to evict four of the eight tenants. Why did there have to be a shooting for this to happen? Are we going to wait for a shooting on Pheasantwood, North 40th Street or Freedom Drive before we deal these people? Why can't we do this ahead of time so we don't have these problems at these rental properties?

Short-sighted view

Who were the incompetent engineers who only bought enough land to build a two-lane Frank Scott Parkway? I hope the people who now own the land get their money. Too bad it's not in the city limits of Belleville; they are good at giving away taxpayers' money. They bought a falling apart stucco building for $185,000, tore it down for a parking lot, bought a parking lot next to it from the same owner and then gave it back to him to use.

Worth the pain relief

My doctor said that my cancer-caused neuropathy and pain from radiation and chemo would be relatively gone if I could get marijuana in any form. Who would choose debilitating pain over controlled marijuana use? Thank you to the St. Clair County Board for taking the next step in this process.

Church or state bus?

In Clinton County some of the schools run two identical bus routes every morning -- an early route for those attending Catholic religion classes and one route for those not attending. I'm wondering if the taxpayers are paying to bus these students to the religion classes?

Fix the roads right

I'd like one of the brain trusts, either the Illinois or Missouri Department of Transportation, to explain why they can't get a decent pavement down to stay in place for any serviceable time on the Poplar Street Bridge. I'd like to see a comparison. How long did the original last, and why don't they go back to something that lasts? Get it together.

Short-term fix

I see that there was a gathering of food service workers in Chicago who say they can't make enough money to survive. I wonder how they paid to get to Chicago? Give them their $15 an hour, give them $30, let them unionize. This will be a short fix. Most people will not pay the up charge to give fast food workers a raise, and businesses will close.

Union isn't the answer

These minimum wage workers don't realize that unions cost the employees money. I don't think unionizing is their answer.

Practice in daylight

I cannot believe the Granite City School Board is cutting this and that and yet the board allows the varsity football team to practice under the lights. Same with baseball games being played under the lights. Start the games at 4 p.m. Lights cost money.

If this is expensive ...

If Gov. Pat Quinn thinks the Murray Developmental Center is too expensive to operate, how is he going to pay for all the illegal immigrant children sent to Illinois?

About meat prices

I read that dropping prices in corn and soybeans are causing framers to rent at a lower cost. This should reflect in lower meat prices, shouldn't it? I wouldn't bet on it.

Put sports in its place

Put the sports page in the back of the paper where it belongs.

Just wait till 2016

I have faith in the American people that they will take back their country, those freedom-loving ones. in 2016.

Puzzled by support

It's disappointing that the Obama administration continues to cuddle up with the terrorist state of Israel. They care nothing about our citizens or people. Aid to Israel is a blatant act of treason considering what else it's used for. The two factions will fight to the end of mankind.

The Israel mistake

Congress and the President will have blood on their hands and have to live with their decision in regard to the terrorist state of Israel.

Beautiful music

I had the privilege to attend a concert on July 25 at Union United Method Church and listened to nationally known Christian singer Johnny Diaz. I enjoyed more than one hour of beautiful music and story telling. Thanks to the church for having him.

Contact info left out

Thanks for the nice food pantry article thanking everyone for their donations to the food pantries. One problem, there was no address or telephone to call. I am throwing out produce I can't use. It would have been nice to have a connection to a pantry.

Rights in the extreme

Looking back on my years, at some point people have become convinced that they have a constitutional right of never being offended.

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