Letters to the Editor

August 5, 2014

Our republic at risk

When Benjamin Franklin left the Constitutional Convention in 1788, a woman walked up to him and asked, "Well, doctor, what do we have, a monarch or a republic?" Franklin answered: "A republic if we can keep it."

John Adams is said to have commented, "This form of election is good for 200 years and about 300 million people."

Today party-mandering is destroying this republic. Illinois is today's best example for the destruction of a fair election. Party operatives with modern electronic equipment, doing racial profiling, scanning voter registrations sheet and manipulating U.S. census tracks, can and do draw up protective districts for the political gang who currently rules.

Take a close look at the five congressional districts that control Chicago. District 4 has been given the distinction of being the worst gerrymandered district in the nation. The little dictator of this congressional seat brags about equality. He made sure he would have no competition although he has more than $150,000 in his political account and is still accepting donations. He has been in office for 20 years.

According to this congressman, Chicago has a Hispanic district, a Jewish district, three black districts, a Polish district and an Irish district. All the incumbents are Democrats. Is this not racial and religious profiling? What about the other white guys? What about a Catholic district or a Protestant district?

Of the 18 congressional seats up for election, only three have a real election with choice for voters. Depriving a citizen of his equal right to vote is pure discrimination.

Terry Martin


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